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Why Triptiva

Makes Life Easier

Quite simply we wanted to develop a software solution to make your life easier. Book trips by phone, have customers book online, run reports, manage employee data – it’s all available to you. We’ve all been there where you have to apologize to a customer for not being ready for a scheduled activity that didn’t get recorded. Your goal should be to free your time to do other fun things in life.

Increases Efficiency and Improves Organization

Because Triptiva was written to help you organize and run your business, it efficiently performs many of the tasks you perform now. All customer information will now be in one place. No more searching the office for the missing customer phone number, trip date or e-mail address. In fact, you don’t even have to be at your office to use Triptiva. Register your computers to book from home or book from the road. You decide!

Improves Communication and Reduce Mistakes

When you begin using Triptiva, you will find you have fewer mistakes and better communication among your staff, between your offices and with your customers. In fact, you can expect to justify the purchase by the money you’ll save with reduced mishaps and less staffing because the software performs a large number of the administrative tasks that managers find themselves doing daily, monthly and yearly.

Is Easy to Learn and Use

Triptiva was written to make your day to day duties simpler. If you have seasonal staff, it is important that they learn to make reservations right away. After all, your goal is to make money not spend it.

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