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Point of Sale

Help Customers Quickly

Have your seasonal staff up and running with minimal training. Use Triptiva in your retail area to help professionalize your operations.


Easy to Use POS
Make a Sale in 3 Steps:

  • Scan your item
  • Make the payment
  • Print/email receipt

With Triptiva POS, You Can:

  • Track inventory for each of your stores
  • Price & sell your products by size and color
  • Bar code your products
  • Scan credit cards for quicker payment processing
  • Quickly discount an item or all items on a receipt
  • Charge sales tax based on store location

Additionally, You Can:

  • Attach a customer name for later marketing campaigns
  • Customize your receipts to brand your company and messaging
  • Organize products in groups and subgroups
  • Accept gift certificates as payment
  • Void or alter prior sales
  • Track sales at the register level to aid your end of the day closeout process

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