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Employee & Business Management

Minimize Employee/Management Misinformation & Reduce Time on Routine Tasks

Get your employee data organized. Use Triptiva to help you manage employee data, track your activity information, and send information to your managing agencies.

Control who sees what

  • Control user access and determine what features are available to each user
  • Determine which employees can run and view which reports
  • Set automatic logout times to prevent data exposure if employee forgets to log off

    Easily track employee activities

  • Track the employees that worked or trained on an activity
  • Produce guide logs so you can document training & activity experience

Make document management easier

  • Manage employee data such as addresses, phone numbers, birthdates, emergency phone numbers, health issues, etc.
  • Maintain employee certifications & their expirations
  • Manage by job type the required documents that an employee needs to have on file
  • Track Payroll Information
    • Manage wages, raises and bonuses
    • Pay by the hour, by the activity, or salary
    • Determine who is eligible for overtime earnings & calculate the amounts
    • Pay by job types

Use Triptiva to Organize Employee Information

Required Documents

Track each employee’s required documents so you know they are qualified & documented for the jobs they do. Quickly determine if certifications are about to expire.

Employee Reports

Print payroll timesheets, phone lists, missing document reports, etc. Use Triptiva to produce a list of employees driver licenses for your insurance company. Have employees digitally signing their payroll timesheets to vouch for their accuracy.

Agency Reports

Quickly produce reports like first aid, CPR and post use reports. Email the report to the agency or export it to Word or Excel for further modification.

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