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Desktop Rental Reservations

Manage Your Inventory so You Know What is Available

Track your rental items and know what is available for rent and when.

Flexible rental options

  • Rent individual items by the hour, day, week, section, or activity etc. and have different pricing schemes for each of these.
  • Track rentals according to store locations and have unique inventories for each store.
  • Assign sizes and colors to rental items.
  • Assign pricing and sales tax for each store location.
  • Assign items as rental add-ons for the appropriate activities.
  • For activity rental add-ons, check to ensure item availability before booking people on the activity.

Speed up rental processing

  • Create discount types for multi-day, quantity, and group discounts
  • Create and display cancellation policies at the rental item level
  • Create and scan items by barcodes
  • Use credit card scanners for quicker payment processing
  • Track payment and payment due information
  • Calculate activity discounts & coupon amounts automatically
  • Allow multiple rentals per ticket
  • Accept deposits and then automatically process remaining credit card payment(s)

Rental Options

Calendar View

View rentals by the week, month or longer via the calendar.

Create Rental Packages

Create rental packages such as kayak packages (e.g., boat, skirt, paddle, helmet, and pfd) or wetsuit packages (wetsuit, booties and spray jacket).

Check-in & Check-out

Quickly view when items are scheduled for check-in and check-out.

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