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Product Overview

Streamline Your Operations

More and more outdoor adventure companies are looking for reservation and management solutions to streamline their operations and increase their efficiency. Triptiva is designed to do just this. It was written with the outdoor adventure business in mind.

What Can Triptiva Do for You?

Multiple Activities

Book a variety of trips, classes, events, etc. Track add-ons, cancellations, & commissions.

User Mangement

Determine who sees what. Manage module availability, control viewing of payroll & income information.


Run reports & control access. Download & e-mail reports as needed.

Activity Logging

Record if customers showed, what staff worked, & on which resource the activity occurred.

Mobile Access

Let customers use their mobile browsers to search availability & book activities.

Keeping Info in Sync

Let Triptiva keep your reservations & other information in sync. Online bookings, bookings from home & the office all show on your reservation screen.

Choose the Modules that Are Important to You

Each of Triptiva’s main components will make it easier for you to run your business. Triptiva is modularized so you can include the modules that are important to your business. Need online reservations 24/7? Triptiva has it. Need a desktop office reservation system that allows for you to view bookings immediately across offices and desktops? Triptiva has it.

Add modules for Point of Sale, Rental Reservations and Lodging Reservations to round out your business. Additionally, Triptiva allows you to manage many of your behind-the-scene business functions – functions that include personnel management, employee time tracking, activity logging, employee certification tracking, post-use reporting, etc.

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