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Online Activity Reservations

Encourage Customer Reservations at All Hours

The online reservation module allows your office to be open 24/7. Through your website, customers can reserve space on activities around the clock.


Communicate information automatically

  • Process credit card payments automatically
  • Send e-mail confirmations automatically & a carbon copy to yourself
  • Send online customers automatic e-mail reminders before the activity & follow-up e-mails afterwards
  • Let customers invite friends to join their activity
  • Allow customers to join a wait list if the desired activity is not available
  • Automatically record commissions due hotels for online booking partners
  • Automatically calculate activity discounts & coupon amounts
  • Let customers search activity availability using their mobile devices

Customize features from your desktop

  • Control the activities you want available online from the desktop application
  • Customize messages you want displayed to the customer for each activity
  • Accept gift certificates & allow the use of coupons
  • See online reservations displayed on your in-office desktop calendar
  • Prevent overbookings. The desktop & online reservation components communicate to the same inventory database
  • Include add-ons like wetsuits, helmets, gloves for increased revenue
  • Suggest alternate activity availability when the initial desired activity date is not available

Booking Options

Book Equipment or People

Book activities like kayaking, snowmobiling, horseback riding, etc. based on availability of equipment or book by the person.

Create Booking Buttons

Use “Book this Activity” buttons on your website to help customers quickly book specific activities.

Use Online Partners

Invite partners like hotels to be your online booking agents & track their commissions.

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