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Customer Management

Work Smarter not Harder

The customer manager is designed to help you easily do many of the things you wish you were doing but aren’t. You want your employees to capture customer information. To do so the process has to be easy and fast. Once you have what you need, Triptiva can help you communicate with the appropriate customers. PS – The online booking module let’s the customer provide the information for you.

Capture Customer Information to Increase Future Sales

  • Track your customer’s activity purchases
  • Quickly send e-mail confirmations
  • Automatically send pre and post activity emails.

Know What Advertising is Working

  • Collect how customers heard about you
  • Run reports to determine what is effective

Make Payment Collection & Tracking Easier

  • Take coupons & offer discounts
  • Sell & accept gift certificates
  • Track commissionable sales
  • Track vendor voucher payments
  • Run balance due reports so you collect what is owed when you need to

Easily Find a Group of Customers that Meet Your Criteria

Find customers and group them by

  • Amount spent
  • Quantity on a reservation
  • Activity
  • Date range
  • Country or state
  • Activity history
  • Inquired but yet to book
  • Other criteria

Make it Easy to Stay in Touch

In addition to email activity within Triptiva, you can:

  • Export your customer criteria list for direct mail campaigns
  • Export your customer criteria list to your favorite email marketing program
  • Export and then import an updated address correction list from your mail house
  • Import potential customer lists from chambers of commerce, etc.

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