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Computer Configuration

There are 4 basic types of computer configurations to consider for using Triptiva. These are discussed below.

Cloud Based

The Triptiva database is hosted on a dedicated server managed by Triptiva Corporation. Your workstation computers find your Triptiva data by connecting through the internet to this server.


On-Premises Client Server

The Triptiva user interface is installed on each of your licensed computers. The Triptiva database is installed on your server. To access your data, each office computer connects to the database on your server. If you have multiple offices, the computers at those offices will also connect to this server. Any change made by one user is viewed by all other users. All Triptiva data is stored on your server.


On-Premises Peer to Peer

A workstation computer acts as a server. The Triptiva database and user interface are installed on this workstation. A user can log on to this computer to make reservations and perform regular computer tasks. Other licensed computers have the Triptiva user interface installed and connect to the Triptiva database on this computer through your network. The data is stored on the workstation computer hosting the Triptiva database.


On-Premises Stand Alone

Triptiva is installed on 1 licensed computer. Although the computer might connect to the internet, other computers do not have access to this computer. It is not connected to a network. The Triptiva database and the Triptiva user interface are installed on this one machine. The data is stored on this computer.


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