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New Modules

Here are the latest modules available to enhance your version of Triptiva.


Point of Sale Module

If you sell t-shirts, hats, helmets, soda, etc., you can use Triptiva’s Point of Sale module to track your sales. This module allows you to scan, create and print barcode for items at the size and color level. By tracking size and color sales, you can more easily tell the quantity of each you sold and better control your inventory and reorder needs. The tablet version of the POS is in development and is expected to be completed by June of this year.

For more information navigate to the Point of Sale Page: Point of Sale

Lodging Reservations Module

For those of you with campsites, cabins, etc. Triptiva has released a lodging reservation desktop and accompanying online module in beta version. The module is about 85% complete with new features and improvements being made each week. This module is expected to be released from beta during the early part of the summer. We continue to gather feedback from beta users and will begin to add more reports once the main development is completed.

For more information navigate to the Lodging Reservations Page: Lodging Reservations

Rental Reservations Module

This module is designed for those of you who rent gear separate from what you rent for your activities. Gear such as kayaks, canoes, helmets, and snowmobiles can be rented by the hour, day, week, section or activity. You can create your inventory to include size, color and store location. Additionally, you can barcode productr and use a barcode scanner for more accurate tracking.

For more information navigate to the Rental Reservations Page: Lodging Reservations

Email Template Manager Module

For online bookings, we have been corralling the email templates you might send customers into one section. Additionally, we have expanded the online templates you can create and use. This new module makes it easier for you to customize templates and associate them to one or more online activities. Your templates can also be store specific which takes customization one step further. When you design your templates you will notice we added more data ##tags## you can use to pull data directly from Triptiva. The module list the tags available and allows you to drag and drop them into your design. For those of you unfamiliar with tags, you can include a tags such as ##Activity_MeetingLocation##, ##Activity_Date##, ##Activity_Name##, just to name a few. These tags will insert the appropriate data into a customer’s activity reservation confirmation at run time.

Reminder & Follow-up Activity Email Sending

This sub-module is included with the Email Template Manager. Use this feature to send your activity customers reminder emails in advance of their activity and send follow-up emails after the activity has occurred. You can customize an email and associate it with a specific activity. You might send your half-day customers a different email than your full-day customers. Or you might send your snowmobiling customers an email different than one sent to your zip line customers. Or you might send all customers the same email. You determine the number of days prior to send the reminder. Once set, Triptiva will work in the background to complete the task on the schedule you set. Use the follow-up email to send any message you wish or to direct customers to your SurveyMonkey page or to Trip Advisor. Or you can encourage users to find and like you on Facebook by including your link in your follow-up.

Online Checkout Questions Module

Want to gather additional information from a customer during the online reservation process? Use the Checkout Questions Module to accomplish this. You can ask multiple choice, yes/no and free text questions. You can require an answer or you can ask the question and allow the customer to skip the answer. For those of you that require the customer to complete the Friends fields (i.e., First Name and Last Name of each participant) when making the reservation, you can create and ask questions for each Friend. For instance, you can ask “For this participant, what is the lunch preference?” and then present up to 5 choices. Or, you might ask the customer “Is this participant over 13 years of age?” or “Is this participant over 50 pounds?”. You create a question in the Admin section and assigned it to a specific activity or multiple activities. The completed questions and answers display on the Questions tab on the customer’s reservation screen.

Seasonal Pricing Module

Do you want to price weekday activities differently than weekend activities? Or, do you want the 9 AM activity priced a little lower than your 1 PM one so as to encourage customers to more often opt for the earlier activity? You can when you use the Seasonal Pricing Module to do this. This module coordinates with the Online Grid and Online Scroll views to show individual activity pricing. The idea is you display the activity pricing with the activity available search results. The customer can then decide if price or time is most important.

Task Manager Module

Task Manager allows users to create to-do tasks and assign them to individuals or to group types (i.e., administrators, reservationists, activity leaders, etc.). The task manager displays via a pop-up any tasks assigned to the user just after the user logs in. If the task is assigned to a group of individuals, the task displays for each individual for which the activity is assigned. Once a task is marked as completed, the task manger records the name of the person completing the task, the day and time the task was completed and any specific notes needed about the task. Once completed the task ceases to appear at log-in. You can use this to remind yourself or others to follow-up with customers and then review tasks to ensure they were completed. The module allows a task to be reassigned or edited and will display on a tab in the customer reservation screen.

Activity Gift Certificate and Coupon Module

From your Triptiva desktop, you can create discount coupons codes for use by customers. You can accept coupons online or through your desktop reservations. When you create a coupon, you can choose to either provide a percent off per each individual on the reservation, a specified amount off per each individual on the reservation or a fixed amount off per reservation. So if you want to give $20.00 off for each reservation booked prior to a certain date, you would choose the create a fixed amount off per reservation coupon. If you want to give each person on the reservation a discount, you would use a percent or an amount off per individual. Coupons have a start and end date and, if desired, you can specify the maximum number of uses. Additionally, you assign the specific activities for which the coupon is valid. Thus, you can have a coupon valid for one activity but not for all.

Accepting gift certificates as a form of payment for activity reservations is available and works by communicating with your desktop Gift Certificate Module. Customers enter the certificate number you have provided and the dollar amount of the certificate they wish to apply. Triptiva allows for split payments, if the certificate payment does not fully pay the balance due. Thus, a customer can pay part of the balance with a gift certificate and the remainder with a credit card. For instances where the amount of certificate is greater than the balance due, Triptiva will calculate and track the amount remaining on the certificate. For extra security, you can provide the certificate holder with a Pin number at the time of certificate receipt and require that the pin be provided online in addition to the certificate number.

Voucher Module

The Triptiva Vouchers Module allows you to accept vouchers as a form of payment. When you accept a voucher as payment, you select vendor providing the voucher and Triptiva assigns the voucher amount due to the chosen vendor. In the module, you can view voucher activity and by date range. Upon receipt of payment for vouchers, you can mark the amount paid for each voucher that is owed. This allows for partial payment, shortages and overages. for those of you that pay vendors commissions, you can select the voucher amounts due to include or exclude commissions.

How Do I Add Modules

If you have been subscribing regularly to the updater packages for your current modules, you have what you need to add any of the new modules. Simply, determine the modules you would like and contact us. We will provide pricing to you to help you make your final decision. Installing multiple packages at the same time will save installation time and provide you overall savings.

If you have not been subscribing annually to the updater packages, contact us with the modules you would like. We can then determine the core functioning you need to install new modules. Installing multiple packages at the same time will save installation time and provide you overall savings.

What is the Pricing

Figure out which modules you would like and let us provide you a price. The price depends on the version of Triptiva you have and the updates you have installed through the updater packages. If we install multiple packages at the same time, you can realize savings over adding them one at a time.

How Soon Can I Begin Using the Modules

Once you determine which modules you would like, let us know. Triptiva can usually install them within 24 hours, if not the same day.

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