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Setting up Document Names

Setting up Document Names


You can begin entering your Document Names once you have entered your Document Types.



If you want to track that you have W4 documents on file for employees, or that you have current first aid certifications for your guides, you can do that with Triptiva. There might be several first aid certification documents acceptable to your company. You can create a document type called “First Aid Certification” and assign the names of acceptable first aid documents to the “First Aid Certification” document type. For example, you can create document names “American Red Cross Basic First Aid” and “National Safety Council First Responder” and assign these to your “First Aid Certification” document type. Then you can assign this document type to jobs types like “raft guide” and “kayak instructor”. Later, when you can assign job types to an employee, Triptiva will know what document types are required for the employee and what specific documents (document name) are acceptable. This article shows you how to add the document names that are appropriate for your employees.


Steps for adding your Document Names:

1. Log-in to Triptiva.

2. Click Admin on the menu bar.

3. Scroll over Navigator to display the menu.

4. Expand Employee Related node by clicking [+].

5. Click Doc Names.



6. Unlock the screen by clicking the lock button in the top right corner that is below the logout button.

7. Click Show All Document Types.

8. Select the Document Type for which you would like to add a document name.



9. Double click in the Document Name column next to the asterisk (*) on the bottom row. This action will allow you to enter a document name for that specific Document Type. Continue this action until you complete your Document Name entry.

10. You will want to enter all necessary Document Names for each Document Type. If at a later time period you wish to enter additional document names, simply repeat these steps.

11. When you finish adding your information, click unlock to lock the page and save your entries.


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Created: 07/31/08

Modified: 05/06/14


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