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Setting Up Activity Type Difficulty Levels

Setting Up Activity Type Difficulty Levels


Begin entering Activity Type Difficulty Levels as soon as you have entered your Activity Types/Resources and Departments in the Admin section.



Triptiva allows you to associate difficulty levels with your activity offerings through a series of customizable table entries. You enter each level and then order the difficulty of your entries. The online version of Triptiva uses your table entries to offer a customer activity options. For instance, if a customer is online booking a novice fly fishing trip and the trip is not available, the customer can choose to search for other available novice fishing trips even if they have different activity names. Thus, difficulty levels above novice will not be an options. For an activity to appear online, you will be required to assign it a difficulty level in the activity set-up screen.


Steps to Set-up Activity Type Difficulty Levels:

1. Log-in to Triptiva.



2. Click Admin on the menu bar.

3. Scroll over Navigator to display the menu.

4. Expand the Activity Info Tables node by clicking [+].

5. Click Activity Type Difficulty Levels.

6. Unlock the screen by clicking the button in the top right corner that is below the button.

7. Click Activity Type column row to enter difficulty levels for that activity.



8. In the ‘Difficulty Levels’ box click Add New. Your Activity Type name will appear in the title.



9. Add New will begin with a Difficulty Level Id of 1. Enter a description. You description entry will be visible to your customers. Once the description is completed, click Add New to add another level. Once you have entered all your levels and descriptions, you can use the Move Up and Move Down buttons to change the difficulty levels order. This is described below.

10. Triptiva uses the Difficulty Level Id to determine the difficulty of your Difficulty Level. Difficulty Level Id 1 will be the easiest. Difficulty Level ID 2 is the next most difficult, etc. Click a difficulty level and then the row up or down using the Move Up and Move Down buttons to place it into the correct Difficulty Level order.



11. To remove an entry, highlight the row and click the X delete button.

12. When you finish adding your information, click to lock the page and save your entries


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Created: 11/28/09

Modified: 08/04/14

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