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Importing Inventory into Your POS

Importing Inventory into Your POS

To import your POS item inventory from another POS system, export your data to a .csv file.

This article describes how to import your inventory data into Triptiva POS. Remember that Triptiva POS is in beta mode, so changes are made periodically. If this article does not resemble what you see in your version of Triptiva, please contact Support for assistance.

Triptiva imports POS item information into the following fields:

Store Number

Vendor Name

Item Name

Item Size

Item Color

Item Group

Item Sub Group

Item Description

Item Cost

Item Selling Price


Item Wholesale Price


UPC Code

Export your Data

First, export your data from your current system and save the data in a .csv file format. You can use comma or tab delimiters as long as you do not have either of these delimiters as characters in your data fields. Some systems allow you to choose the fields to export and some do not. If you can select fields for export, choose the fields that match the above Triptiva field list. If your system does not allow you to choose which fields to export, the extra fields can be ignored later during the import.

Preparing your .csv File

Once you export your data from your current system to a .csv file, you might have to open the file in a program like Microsoft Excel® and make changes. For instance, Triptiva will import your items according to store number so you might have to change your store name to a number in your .csv file to match the store number created in Triptiva. You can find your store number(s) on the Triptiva screen. Click Options on the main menu, click the tab and find the Store_Id column. You might have to widen the column heading to the left of the Store Name column to make the Store Id’s appear.

If you have more than one store, Triptiva allows you to have separate inventory items, item pricing, etc. for each one. If your current system doesn’t allow you do distinguish between stores, you can still associate your inventory with more than one store. To do this, import your inventory to your first store. Then return to your inventory .csv file and change the store id number for each item in Excel. Resave the file, and import the inventory again to create inventory in your second store. When doing this you can also change your inventory quantity and pricing to reflect the values you want associated with each store id. For instance, because Triptiva allows you to charge a sale price at your downtown store that is different than your river store, import your inventory to the store_id associated with the downtown store. Next, change the prices in your file to reflect the pricing of your river store, save the file and import it again into Triptiva. Triptiva will now associate the inventory for your river store with your river store id. Accordingly, you can do this same technique for inventory quantities for each store. Just change your inventory quantity in Excel, adjust the store_id to reflect the appropriate store, re-save the .csv file, and import the file.

Importing your .csv File

1. Log-in to Triptiva.

2. Click Point of Sale on the menu bar.

3. Click Add Inventory (Import).

4. On the Import Point of Sale Items screen, click the Select CSV File button and browse to your .csv file.

5. Once your file name appears in the file name bar, click the Import CSV File button.

6. You will notice that each column of your import file has a column number provided. Match the import file column number with the Triptiva field name. For instance, for the Store Id field, in the dropdown area, choose the column number in your import file that has the Store Id information, column 1.

7. Once you have matched your columns with the Triptiva fields, click the Save button.

8. Next, you will see your item import data organized using the Triptiva POS field names. Review the columns and rows to ensure the data is in the proper format. Check the Select All Rows box to import all rows of items. Uncheck any row(s) you do not wish to import. Once ready, click the Import Selected Records button.

9. After clicking the button, a confirmation request screen will appear. If the number of Items is accurate, click Yes.

10. Your import will take several seconds to complete. Once finished, Triptiva will confirm a successful import.

11. Click Ok and then click the Close button to complete the process.

12. It is a good idea to now go to the Triptiva POS Sales screen and search for several of your imported items to ensure your items display as expected. If the Point of Sale Orders screen is displayed, click the New Point of Sale Order button to load the POS Sales screen.

13. If you encounter difficulty, contact Triptiva Support.

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Created: 01/05/12


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