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Changing Automatic Logout Times

Changing Automatic Logout Times


You can change the auto log-out times in Triptiva as soon as the program is installed on your system.



To change the Auto Log-Out time so you can shorten or lengthen the amount of time employees can be inactive before Triptiva automatically logs them off.


Steps to change the Automatic Logout time:

1. Log-in to Triptiva.

2. Click Admin on the menu bar.

3. Scroll over Navigator to display the menu.

4. Expand the Employee Related node by clicking [+].

5. Click Automatic Logout Times



6. Unlock the screen by clicking the button in the top right corner that is below the button.

7. Click the employee name for whom you want to change the logout time. Next, choose a logout time from the dropdown box and click Save.



8.>When you finish, click to lock the page and save your entries.


Article No. 8.005

Created: 11/22/09

Modified: 11/14/14

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