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Creating Available Discount Types

Creating Available Discount Types


You can begin entering your Available Discount Types as soon as you have setup your Company Information.



If you want to give a customer a discount because he or she belongs to a group or club or for any other reason, you can with Available Discount Types. Enter your Discount Types and then, in Activity Set-up, select the Discount Types you want associated with the activity. The dollar or percentage amount of discount is assigned in the Activity Set-up screen. You can also use the Available Discount Types to provide special pricing. For instance, if you run a kayak class and charge the first student the assigned price and charge additional students a different price you can use these tables to perform this function.


Steps to Create Discount Types:

1. Log-in to Triptiva.

2. Click Admin on the menu bar.

3. Scroll over Navigator to display the menu.

4. Expand Activity Info Tables node by clicking [+].

5. Click Available Discount Types.

6. Unlock the screen by clicking the lock button in the top right corner that is below the logout button.



7. In the ‘Discount Type’ column the row next to the asterisk (*), then enter the name of your discount type.

8. Entered each of discount type you want to create.

9. If you want to charge a different price for activity participants, you can use this section to do this. For instance, if you have a fishing outing and charge the first angler the assigned price and charge additional anglers a different price, you can use a discount type to perform this function. Enter the name of the discount type here and then on the Activity Set-up screen, navigate to the appropriate fishing activity and set the discount amount for additional anglers.

10. The Sort Order column allows you to order how discounts display when choosing discounts from dropdown windows. Discounts without a Sort Order number will display first.

11. When you finish adding your types, click unlock to save your entries.


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Created: 11/22/2009

Modified: 07/14/16

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