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Assigning E-mail Reminders & Follow-ups to Activities

Assigning E-mail Reminders & Follow-ups to Activities


The E-mail Reminder & Follow-up Module will need to be installed. Additionally, make sure you have at least one e-mail template completed.  To create a template refer to the Creating E-mail Reminders and Follow-ups article. Your will need to have created activities in Activity Set-up.  This article assumes you know how to set-up and find your activities in Activity Set-up.



Once you have complete your e-mail templates, you need to assign them to an activity. You can assign a default e-mail template to be sent a predetermined number of days prior to the customer’s activity date. You can also assign a follow-up e-mail to send a set number of days after the activity date. You can further refine this by assigning the e-mail template to always send (the default) unless there is another template to send for a date range.  For instance you might always send a default snowshoeing template prior to the activity date but for the 3 weeks prior to Christmas you want to send your special Christmas template and then for the week from Christmas to New Year’s you want to send your special New Year’s e-mail template. This article will help you do this.


Steps for Assigning your E-mail Template to an Activity

1. Log-in to Triptiva.

2. Click Activity and then Activity Set-up on the menu bar.

3. Scroll over Navigator to display the Activity Types menu.

4. Expand the Activity Types node ofinterest by clicking [+].

5. Click the Resource (aka, Activity Location) of interest.

6. Scroll through your list of activities until you reach the activity for which you wish to assign the reminder.  If you wish to assign reminders to each activity, start with the first one and work your way through each activity using the directions below.

7. To assign a template, unlock the screen by clicking the button in the top right corner that is below the button.

8. Click the E-mail tab.



9. Check the Default Pre-Reservation E-mail Template option and choose your default template in the drop down box.

10. Next, enter a value in the Days Prior to Activity Date to Send E-mail.  The value can be 1 to 365.  Most users prefer a range of 3 to 30 days depending on the length of the activity and other details.

11. Next, if you wish to send an e-mail after the activity has occurred, check the Default Post-Reservation E-mail Template option and choose your default template.

12. Enter a value in the Days After Activity Date to Send E-mail.

13. Continue this procedure for each activity.

14. Here are a few notes regarding assigning templates:

a. You do not have to assign a template to each activity.

b. An activity does not have to include a Default Pre-Reservation E-mail Template and Default Post-Reservation E-mail Template.  It can have either, both or none.

c. Activities can have different default templates.

d. Activities can be assigned the same template with different Days Prior and Days After values.

15. If you wish to have an e-mail template send during certain times of the year in place of the default template a new template in the Override Pre-Reservation Templates and / or Override Post-Reservation Templates sections.

16. Choose your template in the drop down area, enter a value for the Days Prior or Days After and then enter a Start Date and an End Date.  The dates are important so Triptiva will know when to send the Override template.  You can have more than one override template but the Start Date and End Date periods must not overlap with another Override templates values.



17. When you finish, click to lock the page and save your information.


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Created: 12/13/14


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