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Adding an Employee

Adding a New Employee


First determine and enter your company’s Job Types in the Admin section. Next, we suggest you establish a “User Name” naming convention for consistency purposes. The initial letter of the user’s first name and the full last name are common ways to do this such as GBenjamin for Garry Benjamin.



This article describes how to add a new employee to your employee database with security access settings. Once entered, the employee’s activities can be tracked for, among other things, payroll and activity log reporting purposes. The Social Security Number data is encrypted upon saving to help prevent access to the information if your office systems were to get hacked. After an employee is entered into the database, the employee can later log on and change most of his or her personal data. The Birth Date and Social Security Number data can only be changed by the Administrator.


Steps for Adding an Employee:


1. Log-in to Triptiva.

2. Click Employees on the menu bar.

3. Click the yellow [+] on the toolbar next to the ‘Active/Inactive’ employee box to add a new employee. A User Security Settings screen will open.



4. Assign your new employee a ‘User ID’ and a temporary password. The employee can later change his or her password for greater confidentiality and easier recall purposes. You should require all employees to use complex passwords utilizing upper and lower case characters, numbers and symbols. Next, assign your employee “Group Membership” categories that allow him or her appropriate security access privileges. Refer to the KB article “Security Access Privileges” for the specific access rights available to each Group Membership category. Click ‘OK’ to save this information and open the new employee’s General Information screen.


5. Add your new employee’s information by clicking any highlighted box and typing the necessary data. Add the employee’s name, social security number, e-mail address, mailing address and phone number. Triptiva allows you to add Contact Descriptions for the Phone Number rows to aid in identifying phone numbers.

6. For instance, you might choose Home Phone in the Contact Type box and then type “Mary Smith – Wife” to help remember the employee’s wife’s name when calling. Another example might be for employees who hold a second job and list their work phone number here. It might be helpful to have the place of business name available when calling the work number.

7.Triptiva will require you to provide a social security number. If you do not have the number, assign a number like 000-00-0000 to enable you to later detect employees with missing numbers.




8. When you finish click to lock the page and save the information.


Steps for Editing Employee Information at a Later Time:


1.Unlock the screen by clicking the button in the top right corner that is below the .

2. You or the employee can edit any information that appears in red on the unlocked screen. Remember, only Administrators can edit Social Security Numbers and Dates of Birth. This allows the employee to be responsible for updating information like phone numbers and address changes.When you finish, click .


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Created: 01/05/12


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